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About me

Characters are the essence of our stories! 

A few personal lines for those who would like to know more about the person behind the translations. 


My Story

I've always been a bookworm and a regular client of our local village library. Foreign languages have fascinated me from an early age on. When I was only ten years old, I loved listening for hours to the language courses (on audio cassettes!) my mum had bought for learning French and Italian. 

However, I chose a more "traditional" career first and did my degree in economics and management. As I'm good with numbers, I spent the first years of my professional life working as an accountant. 

Since I've always been learning foreign languages on the side, I eventually decided to turn my passion into a living. After completing my master's degree in translation studies at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, I moved to the southwest of France and started my business as a freelance book translator for indie authors.

Only a few months later, I met my now-husband Andy and I followed him to Munich, Germany, where we set up our home. Since 2021, I'm the proud mum of our son Felix - a future avid reader, judging by the bite marks in his picture books! ;)

My Reading Habits

Personally, I love traditional murder mysteries - ideally with a good riddle to solve and an intriguing setting - like an English country house (which is beguiling for a mountain girl like me!). I also greatly enjoy novels with a historical connection. 

For me, the most fascinating part of reading a book is to mentally travel to a certain place or time and dive into the world the author has created.

My favourite author of all times is Agatha Christie. I've started collecting the "Murder on the Orient Express" in different languages. Among my treasures are translations into Slovene, Norwegian and Basque!

Writing & Publishing

For me, translating a book is not only the transfer of individual sentences from one language into another but the re-creation of an existing story in a new language - as beautifully written as the original version. 

Translators and authors pursue the same goal: Creating the best possible reading experience for their audience.

Therefore, it is important for me to constantly foster my writing skills. As an indie author, I write cosy crime mysteries and I regularly partake in writing and editing courses.

Coming from the corporate world, I have a special interest in the entrepreneurial side of writing and the publishing industry.

I'm a member of the Selfpublisher Verband ("Selfpublishers' association") and the Mörderische Schwestern ("Murderous Sisters") as well as a partner member of ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors). 

Recently, I've also published articles for Mystery People (highly recommended for mystery fans!). The articles have also been published on the Promoting Crime Fiction blog. Happy Reading!

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